Christmas 2010 my wife and I received our first DSLR camera and we were ecstatic. I know you are laughing! "Everyone" is walking around with one nowadays but to us this was special. So we set the Point and Shoot aside and started taking "professional" pictures all the while using the Full Auto setting of course (the professionals will get the sarcasm). I knew the camera was capable of taking better pictures so I began studying all of the different settings. Over a short period of time I learned a great deal about the camera but still didnt know how to apply it very well. So I began talking to professionals and enthusiast alike to glean as much knowledge from them as possible. The technical know how will only get you so far however. You have to Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Thinking back to those early days when I was having trouble finding technical information, I realize other aspiring photographers need the same type of help. This blog will be focused on the camera settings needed to take each shot. Pictures will be displayed with the camera settings (shutter speed, focal length, f-stop, etc.) below them. Please feel free to critique me (positive or negative) in any way. I am constantly trying to become a better photographer and your insights might be just what I needed.