Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free Enterprise

This video has nothing to do with running but since I enjoyed the Saint Joseph Abbey trails,  I thought it only fitting that I raise awareness about the monk's legal battle with the State of Louisiana. Currently they sustain themselves monetarily in various ways, one of which is the manufacturing and selling of caskets.  Apparently their business is not in line with Louisiana law.  It's really an interesting story.


  1. this is absolutely absurd! if they have been doing this for centuries, then why is the state just now coming after them? sounds like someone wants their hands in the cookie jar to me.

  2. That's totally ridiculous. I hope they win their case.

  3. Leave it to the bureaucrats to interfere with freedom and free enterprise. Who needs a state license to make simple coffins? This is appalling! I hope and pray that the monks win their case.